SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks

Replace Your Traditional Telephony
with Advanced SIP Trunking

Get the Benefits of SIP Trunks with Cost Effectiveness and Reliability

SIP trunking works as a replacement for traditional telephony, and it connects your PBX to your PSTN via broadband or an ethernet connection.

SIP trunking costs much lesser in comparison with ISDN and brings more flexibility to the system. The installation is much easier and happens instantly. SIP trunks ensure uninterrupted communication for the users. The SIP trunk service supports from small PBX to an unlimited number of channels as an enterprise or large business solution.

SIP trunks work on voice over Internet protocols (VoIP), and it becomes easier to switch to SIP trunking as some companies already use VoIP within their phone systems on the Local Area Network (LAN). Once SIP trunks are installed, it eliminates the need for multiple phone lines into a single point and also the IT cost associated with it. In a way, SIP trunking is simple, cost-effective and reliable

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SIP Trunking Brings Flexibility and Scalability to Your Telephony Services

SIP Trunk Stands Ahead with Its User-Friendly Features

Economic Call Charges

SIP trunk helps in saving costs because it doesn’t have any capital cost and it reduces the long distance call rates considerably.

Flexible Setup

SIP trunks give you total control by providing the autonomy of adding or reducing the number of lines as per the need.

Monitor & Control

You can also control how exactly you want to route the calls as per your business needs and also monitor the specific details related to calls.

Business Continuity

SIP trunks can reroute the calls to any other alternative location without any delay and also ensure the business process should not hinder.

Call Manager

An interactive portal that helps in managing every aspect of SIP trunk calls and also monitors every call activity.

Better Call Quality

SIP trunks ensure a better calling experience with crystal clear voice quality with the capability of cloud technology to enhance productivity.



SIP trunks support scalability because it works on virtual connections that make it very simple to add extra lines to modify as per the changing needs. With SIP trunks, there is no need to purchase the whole PRI lines, and you can get SIP trunks individually, and that’s why it makes the scaling up and down very simple. Moreover, you can keep your existing number and also easily upsize or downsize as you need. You have all the control to manage the number of network lines in SIP trunk.

Higher Productivity

SIP trunking helps in achieving a much better productivity level as it allows company employees to interact with each other despite being located in different locations. If your business is dealing with a global customer base and offices have multiple locations then by using SIP trunks the inter-communication level among the offices improves to a substantial level. In case if one of the locations is facing a downtime, then the calls can be rerouted through other network avoiding any prolonged interruption.


Better User Experience

SIP trunks support unified communication and improve the user experience in many ways. As it supports encryption of voice calls and it also routes the calls to an alternative destination if need be. SIP trunking starts all the functioning in the least capital expenditure, and it adds reliability to your communication system. SIP trunking works on load sharing design and Acefone maintains telephony uptime with the help of a team of experts who work 24×7 to give you the best possible experience.

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Give Your Calling Experience a Boost with the Help of SIP Trunks

You can make your calling experience much better with the help of SIP trunking and its versatile features that put the traditional setup aside and make a result-oriented communication platform.

  • Cost-effective
  • Highly Scalable
  • User-friendly Portal
  • No physical lines
  • Business Continuity
  • Easy Call Management