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Achieving Customer Satisfaction Through
Cloud Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted Phone Solutions Made for Travel & Hospitality Industry

Handling booking, reservations, guests, international calls and customer queries is a daily routine in the travel and hospitality sector. A comprehensive and reliable communication system enables to perform these activities smoothly and more efficiently. Not only greater customer satisfaction, but cloud communication also opens up the unexplored potential for travel and hospitality business.

Cloud-hosted phone systems increase the reach of business without increasing calling costs. By delivering high-quality voice, a robust communication solution strengthens customer relations and increase loyalty. Free phone numbers and IVR maintain seamless customer communication and real-time collaboration.

Businesses can optimise their existing communication equipment by choosing affordable Acefone SIP trunking with VoIP solutions. Leverage the cloud back up and disaster recovery in natural emergencies or downtime. Track and record every customer interaction at each point of contact to improve customer experience.

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Comprehensive Solution for All Customer Communication Needs

One-stop solution for travel and hospitality sector to deliver excellent customer experience with cloud technology

Direct Numbers

Customers can directly call back agents without having to go through auto-attendants. Multi-level IVR helps customers navigate to reach the desired department.

High-Quality Experience

Keep your business up and running all hours of the day and all days of the year. Answer your customer calls even after office hours are over.


Manage customer interaction and business communication in simple clicks. Access and track all data at one unified portal from any device or location

Scalability Option

Add or edit users to cater the hike in requests during seasonal peaks. Transfer same resources to other important campaigns and tasks when demand drops.

Easy Integrations

Deliver seamless communication by integrating CRM, business applications with phone system. Synchronising customer data across channels, applications and users.

Affordable Calling Plans

Create a customised plan by choosing only those features that suit your business requirements. Pay just for those features that you use in competitive prices.


Smooth Collaboration of Teams

Travel and Hospitality companies work with remote teams in different geographical locations to save costs. A cloud-hosted phone system helps them to manage distributed teams and keep them connected in real-time.

Delivering services in regional languages is the basic requirement of the travel and hospitality industry. Smart solutions identify area code and geographies of contacts and control communication with them.

Capture Each Customer Touch Point

Tracking each customer touch point is possible only with advanced VoIP solutions integrated with business applications. Maintain seamless communication with customers at all contact points like email, chat, and voice.

Customer retention gets optimised by delivering greater experience at all touch points. Smart hosted phone system by Acefone provides cloud back of call recordings for quality and training purposes.


Customise as per Business Needs

Dynamic industries like travel and hospitality face seasonal traffic and get peaks

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How Can Travel and Hospitality Businesses Optimise Customer Communication?

Feature-rich solutions from Acefone not only ensure greater efficiency for travel and hospitality industry but also back them up with top-notch services.

  • Optimised up-time
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Plug and play solutions
  • 100-day data back-up
  • Real-time tracking
  • Robust network