Acefone for Retail

Cloud-Based Communication that
Addresses Challenges in Retail Industry

Faster Communication for the Customers Who Can’t Wait

Acefone provides solutions that tackle most of the challenges of the retail industry that occur in day to day business. It has become a necessity of every business to have a steady communication with today’s customers who are smart, aware and look for a personalized experience. So, every business urges for a communication solution that entails customer information and also includes different insights coming from the customer data.

To make this happen effortlessly with the best possible results, the role of cloud technology to complete the calls becomes very result-oriented. Retail industry carries an unavoidable need of maintaining a steady communication to execute the strategies related to the supply chain. All of this is done to provide the customers with a seamless experience. The communication solutions from Acefone cover all the needed features to make a comprehensive communication platform that performs and that delivers, methodically.

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Solutions from Acefone Efficiently Tackle the Challenges in Retail Industry

Ensure Uninterrupted Communication with customers as well as other employees.

Customer Information

The details of every communication with the customers are recorded with crucial insights that make the most out of every call.

Simple Portal

The portal is simple to use so that you could keep complete focus on your business and stay carefree for the communication needs.

Cloud Advantage

The retail industry fluctuates in real-time, and that calls for advanced technology such as a cloud that answers industry needs, efficiently.

Extensive Reports

Additionally, you get thorough reports about your campaigns as well as every call related activity that needs to be monitored.

Call Recording

This feature helps you record all the calls and revisit them as per your need to understand and make your communication with customers a lot better.

Uninterrupted Communication

Never miss out on an opportunity to find a customer among the prospective leads. Acefone gives you powerful solutions to take better decisions.


Choose Cloud for a better productivity

Every industry wants to keep its processes simple and result-oriented, and the need for keeping things simple prevails in the retail industry too. Cloud-based communication solutions are the best to address customer expectations promisingly. Because most of the customers make their purchasing decision only after they are totally convinced and that needs them to communicate multiple times.

Single Communication Platform

Cloud-based communication solutions ensure a single platform across all stores and various other offices. It makes the communication process simple and highly result oriented. It also helps in keeping everyone on a single platform and face the immediacy and urge of providing customers with a good response. With such cloud-based solutions, retailers find it much easy to collaborate with each other and communicate over the conference call towards a systematic approach to a problem.


Scale With Your Growth

As the revenue model of the retail industry also depends on the season, the growth and decline of the market call for occasional scaling. Cloud-based communication solutions are easy to scale. And as the retail industry moves according to the ups and downs of the market, you can easily customize your portal as per the need or consult with us citing about your requirement. We provide 24×7 support to attend to our customers.

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Give Your Retail Business A Boost with Acefone

Gone are the days of the legacy systems as the contemporary challenges and the needs can not be handled easily with the traditional setup. Now cloud-based communication model is an answer to such challenges.

  • Easily integrate other cloud solutions
  • Consistent communication
  • Various customer insights
  • 24x7 Customer support
  • Customer-centric features
  • Powerful analytics