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Hosted Communication Solution Designed
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Bringing Business Competence for Accountants, Lawyers, Advertisers and Consultants

Like every other business, professional services need to connect with customers over a robust and reliable network. More than other businesses, it is crucial for them to maintain seamless communication with its customers. These businesses need a communication platform that facilitates customer conversations regardless of time, media channel or geographical location.

To deliver state of the art service with confidence, Acefone offers professional services a meticulously devised communication system hosted over cloud. Its powerful features enable a business to reach the right customer at the right time by using intelligent systems.

Acefone makes it possible to connect with a customer from your desktop or mobile device. Easy access for your remote team and real-time collaboration results in greater competence for delivering the best quality services. Instant tracking portal enables real-time tracking for better management. Customisation by Acefone ensures you get the best solution as per your business need.

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Cloud Communication to Improve Operational Efficiency

Optimise Capabilities and Become Agile by Hosting Business Communication System

Higher Flexibility

Businesses facilitating professional services get necessary flexibility to access cloud communication system access across any device, from any location and at any time.

Powerful Features

Hosted phone system comes with all the features of a traditional phone system along with additional ones which boost businesses and make them competitive.

Network Quality

HD voice calls and instant SMS results in better communication. Local businesses can have reach a wider network and exploit global reach with hosted telephony services.

Advanced Technology

Robust and up to date technological solutions enable businesses to provide quality services. No huge investments required to upgrade the phone systems.

Real-time Analytics

Instant reports and analytics facilitate managers to make informed and better decisions. Conversations become better and more contextual with such insights.

Integrated Applications

A hosted communication system allows quick and easy integration with leading applications like CRM necessary for running a successful and profitable business.


Ease of Use and Deployment

Cloud-hosted communication systems are quick to deploy and easy to use. Third party service providers take care of installation and upgrading of these computer telephony integrations. As compared to conventional phone systems, cloud-hosted ones are merely a plug and play service which can be accessed over a computer system with an internet connection.

Acefone solution consultants can install a full-fledged communication system within minutes to make it up and running.

Intuitive Managing in Real-time

With the power of instant reports, cloud telephony solutions enable a consolidated view of all live and historical conversations. Making it convenient for managers, the real-time view of call reports and user activities empowers them to track the performance in real-time.

Managers also have access to download the report or get it emailed after a regular period. Call recordings stored over cloud aid in quality assessment customer communication and determine the scope of improvement.


Professional Presence

With features like auto-attendant, IVR and call routing, even small and medium businesses can create a professional image as that of an MNC. Without having to invest heavily in resources, start-ups can also enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive communication system with all the features of that of a conventional one.

Professional services catering to a niche market can record a custom welcome message for callers. Appropriate IVR menu options and automatic call forwarding assist in first call resolution which enhances customer satisfaction.

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How is Acefone Hosted Phone System perfect for Professional Services?

Our cloud communication solution caters to all the needs of a business delivering professional services. We provide robust customer support to ensure your business can work at its highest efficiency without any hindrances:

  • 24*7 support available
  • Custom plans at pocket-friendly rates
  • Plug and play systems
  • Up to 100-days cloud back up
  • Instant Reports and analysis