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We Know the Importance of Uninterrupted
Communication for the Healthcare Industry

Our Cloud-Based Communication Solutions Cater to the Vital Needs of Healthcare Industry

The healthcare sector is all about ensuring the well-being of ailing patients with proper treatment. It needs communication, and precision in decision making. Such a need in delivering proper care to the patients is always a result of the steady communication between the health professionals to decide how to give a proper direction to the ongoing medication. It is equally important for the doctors and health professionals to communicate and convey the necessary points to the patients about their ongoing treatments.

Once they are all on the same page, it becomes highly possible to serve the patients with planned immediacy and flawless precision. The communication solutions from Acefone are designed to ensure these needs of the healthcare industry are addressed properly with expected results.

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Make Sure You Healthcare Business is Well-Equipped with the Advanced Cloud-Based Communication Solutions

The Communication Solutions from Acefone are Designed Considering the Needs of Healthcare Industry

No Communication Gaps

Communication gap is a serious threat in the healthcare industry, and we understand it better so, our solutions are designed to avoid any possibility of it.

Better Patient Experience

Easily communicate with your patients about their reports and ongoing treatments. Stay connected with them to track all the updates.

Call Conferencing

Call conferencing helps in making critical decisions by involving experts for the discussion and reach the solution as a team.

Low bandwidth Utilisation

You don’t have to worry about the bandwidth, even at low bandwidth, the calls easily get through between the patients and doctors.

Multiple Extensions

Never miss a call from the patients. Cloud-based communication allows you to have multiple extensions to handle the call volume.

Effective Communication

Effective communication drives healthcare industry and cloud-based tools include the real-time insights to optimise every piece of information.


Lesser Possibility for Errors

In the healthcare industry, every measure is taken to reduce the possibility of errors, and by implementing cloud-based communication solutions, you can reduce the possibility many folds for committing errors. Once the communication between the healthcare people and patients becomes steady and uninterrupted, it becomes easier to do patient care management and deliver a good service to them.

A Good Team Work

A good communication platform makes the healthcare team members work as a team. A good communication also helps in deploying responsibilities to the other team members and approach a problem as a team towards the speedy recovery of the patients. A steady communication also makes sure that any medical situation becomes less vulnerable to a human error. Effective communication also helps in deploying task and responsibilities fruitfully.


Trust of Cloud Technology

Give your communication set up a support of cloud technology that is flexible, reliable and also customisable as per the business needs. With the help of cloud, it becomes easier to have a complete communication system without any need of infrastructure. Contact centre solutions from Acefone also get easily integrated with the CRM that further helps in maintaining the record of the patients and all the communiation happened with them.

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Make Your Healthcare Business Reliable and Patient Centric

In the Healthcare business, you can not compromise with a second choice because someone’s life is always at stake. So, perfect decision making driven by real-time data is the most essential thing. Such precision in decision making can only happen with the help of result oriented communication. The solutions from Acefone ensure for the same.

  • Real-time data insights
  • 24x7 customer support
  • User-friendly Portal
  • Transparent Billing
  • Steady communication channel
  • Advanced cloud technology