Acefone for Finance Industry

Acefone for Finance Industry

Communication Solution for Banking,
Financial Services and Insurance Firms

Communication Solution for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Firms

Finance industry using cloud communication for a seamless customer experience like never before. From streamlining operations to communicating with customers across multiple channels, the financial industry is delivering enhanced quality of services irrespective of geographical location. Adopting a cloud solution elevates how do financial firms do business. Customers find it more convenient to connect with companies in a secure environment.

Cloud telephony bring down the total cost of ownership of having a communication solution. Along with increased storage space and remote accessibility, cloud solutions offer disaster recovery and data redundancy at a minimal cost. With greater freedom for the workforce to access and stay connected from any location and on any device, cloud phone systems result in higher agility.

Financial firms become more productive by resolving customer concerns in their first call. Easy access and sharing of documents among clients and customers credits to higher efficiency and real-time collaboration. Better operational efficiency provides an opportunity to focus more on reports and analysis to derive useful business insights.

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Cloud Hosted Phone System for Finance Industry

Comprehensive Business Communication Solution for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Firms

Hosted over Cloud for Greater Efficiency

Secure Call Recording

Securely record across devices and store on cloud up to 100 days. Automatic call recording feature helps to meet increasing compliances and regulations.

Collaboration & Reliability

Don’t let your remote teams be refrained from accessing data in real-time. Collaborate across multiple locations with the same reliability as an on-premise system.


Multi-level security measures help secure incoming and outgoing calls. Cloud telephony lessens the burden of regulations and makes your phone system fully compliant.

Omnichannel Communication

Make your firm accessible to clients from any channel of their choice. Provide consistent communication through desktop, laptop, mobile or desk phone.

Integrating Applications

Empower your team by integrating a powerful business application with phone systems. Help them work with higher efficiency by synchronising data in real-time.

First Impression

Create a professional image of your firm regardless of its size and area of operation. Do not miss any call with auto-attendants and greet each customer with a personalised message.

Fast and Flexible Communication

Features like video-conferencing, voicemail, or simple voice or text messages facilitate fast communication. Flexibility across devices helps teams to share information with higher accuracy within and outside the organisation. Customer data gets synchronised in real-time to enable contextual and personalisation in the interactions.

Agents and managers can keep the conversation from any geographical location at any device. Consistent functionality across desktop, tablet or mobile ensures the communication is unified.

Single Interface for Easy Management

Acefone phone systems provide an intuitive dashboard with a holistic view of live conversations across the organisation. A cloud based visual interface simplifies management of multiple departments and campaigns from a single screen. Managers can monitor call status and agent performance in real-time from a remote location.

Managers can view and edit multiple campaigns from a single portal. Call lists, contacts, caller script and call dispositions can be customized in simple clicks.


Ensured Business Continuity

With an uptime of 99.95%, Acefone ensures continuity of business operations in irrespective of unstable conditions. Data centres situated at different geographical locations provide redundancy of essential customer data for disaster recovery. Meeting highest standards, Acefone stores customer data in the cloud full compliance adhering to PIC, FCC, GDPR and CPNI.

Acefone also provides security from data breach and threats using multiple level security to safeguard hosted data and applications.

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How can Finance Sector Benefit from Cloud Communication System?

Acefone provides endless features and premium services to boost efficiency and security in communication across teams and with customers.

  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.99%
  • Round the clock support over call, email and chat
  • Easy to set-up and install solutions
  • HD quality cloud storage of up to 100 days
  • User-friendly portal for live monitoring
  • Historical and real-time reports and analysis