Acefone for Education Industry

Acefone for Education

Cloud Hosted Phone System for Schools,
Universities and Other Educational Institutes

Cloud Communication is Reforming Education Sector

Education is possible when students and educators can communicate freely without any hindrances. Cloud telephony brings ease and simplicity in communication with unlimited access to information. With hosted phone systems, each educational institution can harness the new ways of learning meanwhile implementing real-time collaboration.

Cloud-hosted phone systems also lower the total cost of ownership without compromising the quality and security of the communication process. Faculties, students and parents can interact using the improved and advanced communication technologies. Existing connections and bandwidth can be maximised by hosting the communication system. Scalability and updates become possible within minutes without investing hugely in infrastructure and costs.

Education can be made more contextual, responsive and customised with cloud advantage. Institutes can have greater control over incoming and outgoing interactions with intuitive real-time dashboards. Management can take more informed business decisions using instant reports and live-monitoring.

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Seamless Communication between Students, Staff and Parents Delivering Greater Results

Changing the Way Education Sector Works with Cloud Telephony

Auto Attendant

Never miss an incoming call and greet every caller with an automated attendant feature. Create an image with a customized welcome message in a professional voice.

Call Recording

Record and save every conversation for quality and training purpose. Refer back to best conversations stored in HD quality over cloud up to 100 days.

Call Diverting

Use smart IVR features to forward calls to the concerned department. Resolve the concerns in the first call with the help of intelligent and automatic call diverting.

Volume Users

Handle a large volume of calls simultaneously without any delay. Send out important and urgent alerts to a broader audience in case of an emergency.

Voicemail to Email

Covert all voicemails to emails and get them delivered to the intended user within seconds. Receive voicemails over email to hear them anytime from any device.

Direct numbers

Direct numbers empower each teacher and staff member with a unique and separate communication channel for contacting students and parents.


Improve Learning with Advanced Technology

Learning becomes faster and more convenient with technological advancements like cloud hosted communication solutions. Cloud communication offers features like web-conference and virtual classroom to improve the mode of delivery in education.

Students can connect to experts any hour of the day sitting online across the world. Unlimited access to recorded lectures stored over cloud provides the advantage of learning at one’s convenience.

Connect Entire Campus on Cloud

The entire communication system is hosted over cloud with real-time access from any location at any time. Every conversation gets securely stored in the cloud with high-level encryption for safeguarding against any data threat.

Students can connect one-to-one with teachers using their direct numbers with internet calling.

Automate Communication for Better Control

Schools and universities can send automated texts to students, parents and staff within seconds for broadcasting important information and alerts. In emergencies and crisis, educators can deploy communication tools to respond in an effective manner automatically.

Staff is well-equipped with tools to effectively communicate without investing much of their time in mundane and routine tasks. All call data gets recorded to generate reports and analysis for determining the scope of improvement.

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How Acefone has a Comprehensive Communication Solution for Education Needs?

Hosting a phone system boosts communication and empowers the delivery of education. Acefone provides strong support to make the most out of their cloud phone system:

  • Round the clock customer support over email, chat and call
  • Seamless business continuity with world-class data centres
  • Easy to install communication systems
  • HD quality storage capacity to store data of 100 days
  • Real-time reports generation and analysis in simple clicks
  • Affordable prices and customised packages