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Give Your Construction Business a Steady
Communication Channel with Acefone

Give Your Communication System the Support of Cloud and Get Better Results

A steady and uninterrupted communication is the backbone of every business. The urge of stable communication is same for construction business as well. These challenges can be only addressed with the help of cloud technology that covers every essential feature to make a communication platform for better performance.

Acefone provides you with the business-oriented communication solutions that come with well-designed features catering to the needs of construction business to maintain a communication platform with the help of cloud technology.

Construction business needs to bring all the workers on a single platform to have a communication with performance-enhancing insights. Such needs are thoroughly addressed with the cloud-based solutions from Acefone.

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Construction Business Requires Collaboration among Team Member with Powerful Insights

Reliable Communication Leading to Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Collaboration

Cloud-based communication solutions that help in making collaboration possible by bringing in everyone on the same platform.

Uninterrupted Communication

Logistics in construction business needs proper communication among the employees and Acefone ensures about it with business-specific features.

Call Conferencing

Call conferencing feature helps in bringing the whole team together to make everyone well-aware of the status of the ongoing projects.

Call on Low Bandwidth

The communication channel utilizes the low bandwidth situations on remote locations to deliver good quality over the voice calls.

Several Extensions

You can have multiple extension to connect with various teams working on different sites to check the project status in real time.

Cloud Benefits

The benefits of cloud technology are various, and construction business reaps benefits out of it by making an easy to use communication platform.


Connect to Remote Locations

The cloud-based communication services connect to remote locations without any interruption, and it is much easier to get hand-held or a display device to use the internet and make communication with the ease and benefits of Acefone communication solutions. Traditional telephony doesn’t support such flexibility in making a versatile and complete communication platform because not every remote location has the wired telephone network.

Stay Connected to Your Team Members

Cloud-based communication solutions help in making your team members stay connected on the single platform to make sure everyone stays updated about the ongoing project. And it also helps in addressing a problem or an issue related to the construction project as a team and take some fruitful decisions with the help of insights coming from everyone. Success depends on teamwork and teamwork depends on steady communication.


Communicate to Your Clients

Every construction project comes with a deadline and clients want to know about the status from time to time. With the help of communication solutions, your clients can communicate about the project updates over a dedicated extension or a free phone number. So, when you communicate with your clients or yet to be customers thoroughly, you understand their needs in a much better way and give a shape to your project accordingly.

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Collaboration with Communication

Communication is the key to make collaboration happen among the team members. And when this idea is supported by cloud-based communication solutions, outstanding results show up. Construction business depends on the systematic execution of various processes together. By choosing Acefone, you make sure that the communication system is going to be your platform to achieve expected results.

  • Uninterrupted Communication
  • 24x7 Customer Support
  • Customizable Plans
  • Statistical Call Reports
  • Customer Centric Solutions
  • Enhanced Productivity