Hosted Phone System

Hosted Phone on Secured Cloud with
Versatile Features

A Hosted Phone that Makes Your Communication Easier in many Ways

Acefone brings you the best up-to-date hosted phone with an easy to use web portal. So as per your needs, you can configure it and make your communication experience better and efficient in many ways. You can track every detail related to calls and overview call analytics, your minute usage and also download number-wise or extension-wise reports.

In addition to this, you can set different ringing strategies if you are using multiple numbers. You can also set an interactive voice response (IVR) as per business needs. In case if you miss a call, you can set an alert via an email or message, so that you don’t miss out on any single call. Our portal is well-designed and comes with extensive features.  We have a team of experienced people who make sure your alliance with us should be highly profitable.

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A Phone System that Gives You Much More Than You Can Ask For

Acefone provides a one-stop solution for cloud-based phone service that equally fulfills personal as well as business Needs.


A phone system that comes with a customisable and user-friendly portal that gives you a clear view of every single call related activity.

Powerful Features

The cloud-based phone that comes with several such features that overcome all the limitations of traditional phones.

Competitive Pricing

The competitive pricing makes our customers comfortable to choose the most suitable plan as per their needs.

Real-Time Reporting

Get detailed reports of all the call related analytics and use that overview to track your calls with specific goals.

24×7 Support

Our solution experts make your journey with us easy, glitch-free, and totally focused on what you get from us should be the best possible.


If you are taking services from us, you get the benefit of being able to pay after you use. You can also generate bills on your own through the portal.


A Flexible Phone System Suitable for Business or Home

The phone model of Acefone is flexible in its functioning and perfectly fits for the business or personal needs. All you need is a broadband Internet connection. We will support you for all the initial set up process and other support while you use them. So, you get more than you expect from a landline phone. Acefone has a team of experts that looks after its client’s issue 24×7 throughout the year.

An Interactive Portal with Several Result-Oriented Features

We have designed a portal that covers everything to monitor, track and analyse information and data related to calls. You can do several things through this portal on your own like downloading the detailed bills for every local number and every extension. If you are using it for your personal use, you can get a detailed idea of the number of minutes you have consumed and also customise your plans whenever you need it.


Features that Help You Grow Continuously and Effortlessly

The features that come along with this portal are unique in the number of benefits. All the features on one portal make it a one-stop solution for communication and anything related to calls and its dynamics. You can use the portal as per your needs, and you can also make the most out of the available data. Our services work on the post-paid model so as a user, you stay at ease when it comes to making payments.

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  • Team management feature to manage several extensions
  • IP phone management to start your plan immediately
  • Pick a payment gateway that suits you best
  • Continuous customer support for a glitch-free experience