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Every customer who has a business need wants to connect with a service provider who comes with the exact solution. A free phone number is a good way to connect to the customers because as they try to connect with the company, it doesn’t incur any cost to them.

A channel that is effortless to use and free of cost in making a connection makes it highly likely that the interested customers in your services will connect with you. Because in that case, customers don’t give it a second thought to dial that number because it is user-friendly and brings credibility to the services.

There are other benefits as well that come with free phone numbers. Your business gets a better brand image and various other functionalities make the steady customer connection much easier. A steady connection between the business and yet to be customers becomes highly likely.

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Get More Customer Connections with Free Phone Numbers

Get More Customer Connections with Free Phone Numbers

Company Visibility

Free phone numbers make your services enhance the visibility of your company as it becomes more accessible to the customers.

Call Recording

You can record every call and revisit the recordings to know and understand how you can improve certain things for a better response to the customers.

Call Reports

You get extensive reports related to all the calls and it becomes much easier to understand the impact that your free phone number is creating on customers.

User-Friendly Portal

Our portal is very easy to use, and we have taken care of all the necessary points that you will need to manage one or more toll-free numbers at the same time.

Pick a Number

You can pick a number of your choice and give your customers a number that is easy to recall. You can also port the number that you already have.

Campaign Reports

Free phone numbers also provide detailed campaign reports that help you track your campaigns and devise better strategies, accordingly.


Highly Convenient

Once you get a free phone number, it becomes much easier to add extensions to it. So that you can easily redirect the calls to the respective departments and desks. It doesn’t incur any cost to the caller and makes it more likely for them to go for it. Every business looks for that very first connection with the customers. You can also implement an IVR with your free phone number as per your business needs.

More Extensions

Traditional free phone numbers can’t take more than two calls simultaneously, but a free phone number supports more number of calls at the same time. And you can keep multiple extensions on the same number that further enhances the possibility that you don’t miss out on any single call. Free phone numbers come with several utilities such as customisable ringing strategies, call recording and detailed campaign reports.


Better Brand Image

A free phone number is a one-way communication channel for the customers to connect with the company. It helps in brand recall and consolidates the company brand image in an effective way. A free phone number is also an efficient marketing tool that various advertising platforms can use. An easy and better way to communicate with customers that brings credibility and professionalism and also increases the customer satisfaction level.

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Help Your Customers Connect with You Immediately

Get free phone numbers from Acefone and ensure that you don’t miss out on any promising lead. Initiate the very first conversation with them and understand their business needs completely.

  • Real-Time Call Reports
  • Multiple Extensions
  • Easy to Remember
  • Track Your Marketing Campaigns
  • Call Monitoring
  • Customisable IVR