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Features Based on Customer Needs

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Maintain and Customise Privacy

Call Announce
Get alerted with this feature before an incoming call gets connected. It allows you to answer the calls more professionally.
Call Screening
Screen your incoming calls even before connecting. You can screen or route the call to the voicemail, transfer or answer the call.
Set Caller ID
Give your calls an identity at the receiving end by setting a number or an alpha-numeric name to your outbound calls.
Caller ID Block
This feature allows you to block your number from displaying while you do an outbound call. Maintain anonymity while calling.
Do Not Disturb
All the incoming calls are sent to the voicemail when you do not want to get disturbed. You can turn this feature off from your portal anytime.

Give Your Customer Service an Edge

Call Continuity
You don’t have to worry about service continuity despite power outage or any other interruptions to continue your calls.
Call Logs
You can save all the details related to calls and make check whenever you need it again. It helps in lead management.
Call Queue
You can hold multiple callers in a queue and make sure that you do not miss out on any call until an agent gets free to attend it.
Call Waiting
You can put a caller on hold or send them to voicemail or another extension to help the caller with the best available option.
You get a dashboard that is easy to use, and a user doesn’t need any particular training to understand and use it properly.
Simultaneous Ring
This feature supports several calls at the same time. Such that the incoming calls can ring on several different numbers at the same time.
Call Hold
You can put a call on hold while you attend another call. You can answer multiple calls simultaneously and also prioritize.
Call Park
You can park a call at another extension and retrieve it again. The call once parked can be accessed by multiple users at a time.
Call Recording
Record and save all the calls in the form of audio files and listen to these again to get more insights about the ongoing customer service process.
Make your customers receive a call immediately by just a clicking a button on the screen. It makes the customer connection steady.
HD voice
Cloud-based telephony ensures HD voice quality irrespective of the location of the agents and the internet bandwidth.

Make Your Business A Personalised Affair

Admin Portal
The portal is very user-friendly, and you get an overview of all the necessary metrics in the portal itself without any unnecessary hurdle.
Follow Me
You can forward the calls to multiple numbers, and they ring in a predefined sequence as per the available number of agents.
Main Company Number
Give your company the main number that can be used while advertising or on brochures and that gives your company a unified presence.
Free Phone Number
It makes your business more accessible because no charge is incurred to your callers when they approach you dialing a free phone number.
Virtual Mailbox
You can save your voicemails in a private place with our virtual mailbox. It ensures easy and long-lasting access to your voicemails.
You can save your voicemails and access it from anywhere because it remains there on the cloud and accessible online with a login.
Caller ID
Display all the numbers of the incoming calls and make sure you know who is calling you in the first part.
Local Number
A local number helps in giving a local presence to your business. A local number also makes customers more likely to connect with your business.
Music On Hold
Keep your callers engaged with some plausible music. You can also upload your own music or customised recordings.
User Portal
You can manage all the extensions and individual settings on this portal. You can customise your settings easily.
Virtual Receptionist
An automatic call attendant that responds to incoming calls with automatic messages or redirects the calls to the right extension.

Save Your Time and Money

Call Blocking
Block all the calls based on their area code number or some other criteria. Pick only those calls that are meaningful to you.
Make your callers receive a call with just a click and make customer connection much easier with click-to-dial.
Call Conferencing
Bring in several people on the same call for purposeful discussion and make sure you tackle with a problem as a team.

Work on the Move

Call Forwarding
Redirect the calls to a different number as per your business needs and make sure the calls arrive at the right destination.
Cell Phone Integration
Make your cell phone compatible to receive all those calls that arrive at the company extension or company’s cloud PBX.
Paperless Fax
Paperless fax is an electronic fax-to-email solution that enables you to send and receive faxes through email or a portal.
Voicemail to Email
You get an instant email notification with the attached audio file whenever someone drops you a voicemail.
Call Flip
If multiple devices are linked to your extension, then you can switch calls between them without any interruption.
Desktop App
A desktop application that enables you to make or receive calls and manage extensions with customisable options.
Never Miss a Call
This feature helps you to route calls to a destination when you are away from your office. All the incoming calls are redirected to a predefined number.
Work from Anywhere
With this feature, your employees can work and communicate with each other from anywhere as they stay connected to their system from different places.

Work with Collaboration

Call Group
Call group allows you to group some of the extensions that ring together when a call arrives.
Conference Bridge
You can connect to multiple participants in a large conference call easily and have uninterrupted communication with them.
Call Monitoring
Monitor every call related activity and track all the incoming and outgoing calls with needed analytics information.

Give Your Business Communication an Edge with Perfect Features

VoIP based calling is a forward-looking technology, and it caters to the contemporary industry needs. With the right features, the capability of VoIP enhances many folds.

  • Detailed reporting
  • Transparent billing
  • Reliable cloud security
  • Uninterrupted business communication
  • Easy to use portal

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