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A contact centre is now much more than just a platform for customer-agent connection to process a task or deliver a solution. Today, contact centres have become platforms for customer engagement with the help of resourceful features. Thanks to the cloud technology that has helped in transforming the traditional ways of customer service by new innovative ways that are secure as well as deliver powerful results.

The new era of contact centre solutions is highly sophisticated and utilise the utmost agent availability and keep your agents well-informed about the ongoing call activities. Detailed reports help you overview the performance of your customer support in terms of tapping the full productivity. You can work with remote agents as well and keep them all on the same page despite their different locations. Integrate other business applications to enhance the usability of the contact centre solutions multiple times. All in all, it’s a one-stop solution to strengthen the bond between your business and customers, systemically.

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Contact Centre Solutions that Bring the Best Out of the Agents

Features that Help You Achieve the Most Productive Results

Detailed Reports

The portal provides some detailed results with several meaningful statistics. You can overview every call activity at your contact centre with the help of data.

Easy Deployment

Contact centre solutions are easily deployable. All you have to tell us about the need and the scale of your business, and we deliver our solutions, accordingly.

CRM Integration

Our contact centre solutions easily support integration with some well-known customer relationship management software that further help in lead management.

Call Analytics

Get a thorough overview of all the ongoing call activities with the help of specific statistics. The portal provides several statistics to track call centre productivity.


Contact centres based on cloud technology overcome the limitations faced by traditional contact centres and deliver much better results in terms of using resources.

Automatic Updates

The cloud-based contact centres solutions are updated automatically, and you always get the latest and the most secure version to use.


Higher First Call Resolution

First call resolution is an issue that surfaces up only when the agents don’t have enough customer information or if the essential tools are not handy. The contact centre solutions from Acefone ensure that the agents should have everything that could help them resolve the issue at the very first opportunity. Additionally, the agents can also get experts on the conference call to help the customers with the most appropriate answers immediately.

Better Agent Productivity

You can easily monitor various statistics related to agent performance and then take some meaningful steps accordingly. You can check average call handling time, individual agent performance, agent idle time and other related data to make sure that you get the best productivity out of the available resources. Higher productivity is a result of team collaboration and involving experts on various customer issues to resolve it with immediate and appropriate solution.


Remotely Accessible

The portal is remotely accessible, and any agent can access it from anywhere. So, you can work on the move and get the whole team on the same page. A contact centre based on the cloud has all the information that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. So, if you have a customer base spread across various countries, there is always an agent awake to address customer issues. You can easily track the ongoing activity of agents in real-time and guide them towards better performance.

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Strengthen Your Customer Relationships with the Cloud-Based Contact Centre Solutions

You can accelerate the customer support process with the help of cloud-based contact centre solutions that support the collaboration of the teams and provide a easy to use platform to the agents.

  • Effective call management
  • Highly scalable
  • Better customer experience
  • Affordable cost
  • Updated customer information
  • CRM integration